Selena's House CLeaning FAQ


How much does a house cleaning service cost?

To narrow down prices, it depends on the area you are inquiring service about, the size of the home, and how often you would like service. We are more than happy to stop by, and give a free estimate. 

What is included in the first cleaning?

 First cleaning is deep cleaning. All baseboards, blinds, fans, doors, and chandeliers, ALL rooms, kitchen, and living room area as well.  Window wash, and Power wash are NOT included but can be requested in advance. 

Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?

We provide our own equipment. If you have a preferred cleaning solution that you would like us to use in certain areas of your home - Please inform when scheduling. 

Do I need to be home during the service?

You do not! Most of our clients go about their day, leaving the cleaners to do their thing. In fact, most customers decide to get cleaning service during their work schedule.

How many cleaners will be coming to my house?

We have 4 cars heading in different directions. Each car has  3 to 5 trusted cleaners.

What should i do with my pet(s) when cleaners are here?

We understand the Arizona heat can rise above 100 degrees, and it is NOT fun to deal with. We have worked around pets. Some  are either left in a cool room, or in their cage.